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Trumax UV Coater SC 102
Max. sheet size: 72 x 102 cm Technical Details Trumax automatic deep pile feeder Two sheet detector Sidelay register Vacuum View product.
Milling/ Embedding CMI 3000/5
Configuration Card input Card orientation and thickness measurement 1x Milling Station Cavity Cleaning Cavity Measurement Resonance Frequency check after milling View product.
CD 74-5+LX-UV & IR
Size: 53 x 74 cm Speed: Up to 15.000 sheets per hour (depending on stock) Configuration CP 2000 with memory View product.
MX 6000
 Configuration  Input Cleaning Modul Magstripe Modul Chip Contact 10x Color Print Monochrom VS Embossing Output Windows 10
HD XL 75-5+L(X2) LE-UV Autoplate Pro
Size: 53 x 75 cm Max.thickness: 0.8 mm Configuration Prinect Press Center  Prinect Axis Control  WallScreen Hardware  Alcolor Vario  Autoplate View product.
S6200GG Professional Card Printer
Configuration: 600 Card Feeder Station 600 Card Stacker Station with Reject Card Tray Dual S1 HighSpeed FRONT/REAR Print Flip Cleaner View product.
2 units KURZ Hot Stamping MM-3000 (Price per unit)
Card width 54 mm (+/- 0.1 mm) Card length 86 mm Card thickness 0.8 mm Maximum stamping size 48 x View product.
MATICA S7000 Card Personalization System
Configuration Feeder Multichip / Transport Encoder (MCE) FlipOver (Turning station 1) incl. cleaning Thermo (Printhead 1) FlipOver (Turning station 2) View product.
XL 75-5+L(X3)-C Axis IR/UV
 Size: 53 x 75 cm Configuration Press Center AxisControl Alcolor Vario Preset Feeder Extended delivery with 3 x modules (X3) View product.
Configuration MX 6000 Base System with Win 10 Card Input Magstripe encoder Smart Card Modul 6 x Contact Smart Card View product.
Over 130 used machines were shipped more than 640.000 km (400.000 miles) all over the world