Edale Ltd

Edale are the UK based manufacturer of narrow web printing presses and converting machinery specialising in dedicated market sectors:


# Flexographic Printing,

# Digital Printing,

# Commercial Security and Converting Solutions.

We design and manufacture all of our machines at our purpose built Head Office in Hampshire, and over the last ten years we have grown and developed our technological capabilities with an impressive record of innovation, ensuring we are a truly 21st century company.

We create value for our clients by combining our technical expertise and engineering experience with an in-depth understanding of our customers’ products and processes. By providing innovative and profitable solutions for our customers needs, we reduce machine downtime, material wastage and increase machine profitability.

Each Edale machine can be custom built to individual customer requirements, whether by incorporating modifications or by developing an entirely bespoke machine, and are designed to be fully upgradeable should the customer require additional features in the future



By combining multi-stage processes such as printing, punching and personalisation into a single machine, the Edale scratch card solution significantly increases productivity.Furthermore, because our solutions include graphic printing in addition to the personalisation and scratch panel printing, the cost of consumables is significantly reduced.Typical productivity of a 430mm wide solution would be 200,000 CR80 cards per hour, irrespective of the number of pins per card.


The web based production combined with rotary die cutting means that there is no limit to the range of formats, shapes or thicknesses of card or multi-pin strip.Taking control of printing graphics, whether using flexo or digital technologies, gives you the ability to react quickly to new orders or changes in design, and consequently reducescosts by eliminating yet another level of margin.

Reduced Cost Per Pin

With service providers demanding lower costs per pin, Edale scratch card equipment enables you to maximise the density of pin numbers per card or sheet.This can be achieved in several ways; printing the graphics eliminates the purchase of printed cards and reduced material cost, printing the scratch panel removes the need to purchaselabels, in-line die cutting eliminates separate punching process and flexible formats increase the number of possible pins per card.

High Security

The Edale system includes a fully integrated inkjet, and verification for pin, serial, barcode and scratch panel. Data encryption and offline preparation station are also available.Product tracking ensures that identified void cards are marked and logged for re-ordering. Card collection systems ensure the card sequence is maintained, ready for transfer to the nextprocess.Printed high opacity scratch panels ensure the pin is securely protected and is resistant to current security checks.Card security can be enhanced with high opacity printed backing panels, random number printing, security inks and holographic over laminates.

Gamma Scratch Card Personalization Line / The Edale System Reduces Cost by Combining Multiple Manufacturing Processes into a Single Process

The infeed and tension control system allows up to 1,500mm diameter rolls with a material range from paper to 600 micron card.

Graphic printing on the top and bottom of the card can be included to create a single pass production process.

Inkjet personalisation using thermal or drop on demand technology gives full flexibility on data positioning, content and orientation.

Windows based data controller ensures a full integrity system comprising of product tracking, re-order logging, data encryption and security access.

Integrated data verification system provides 100% monitoring, comparing all printed variable data with production files.

Void marking linked with the data and scratch panel verification system ensures void cards are identified for removal and replacement.

Optional Silk screen printing on the scratch panel (Instead of Flexo scratch panel) guarantees the best quality scratch with the highest opacity at
the lowest cost per pin.

Inline rotary die cutting ensures card format can be changed from multi-pin CR80 to multi-pin sheet, with the change of a single tool. 

Card stacking or shingle delivery systems ensure that sequences are accurately maintained even at high speed with multiple cards across the web.