“SylCoat(er)” Water Based Coating for Printed Core Sheets “SylCoat(er)” Water Based Coating for Printed Core Sheets

Sylvester International, Credit Card Supplies Corp., the world leader in lamination plate and press pad manufacturing, is happy to announce its new alliance with both Fujifilm Sericol and The Olec Corporation.

Together we have developed a new technology that will not only replace coated overlays, but will soon make you rethink your silk screen operation. The SylCoat has been a joint venture project between our three companies that takes water base technology to the next level, changing the way manufacturers build cards.

The SylCoat(er) process enables card manufacturers to use water base inks and adhesive at speeds of 3 to 4 times faster than conventional methods; while remaining environmentally friendly, to run at a fraction of current costs.

The Olec Company www.olec.com, who has recently completed the purchase of the Dorn Company, has a global presence with over 500 employees and service centers located around the world. Olec is best known as a leader in manufacturing equipment for the printing industry.

Fujifilm Sericol, one of the world’s leading specialty ink manufacturer. They have developed our innovative line of products, giving the SylCoat line, global capabilities.