MXD “Classic” Card Delivery System



  • MXD Classic – Card attach and fold
  • Printer – Colour Ricoh 901
  • Systems supported Datacard® Maxsys® , MX6100™ , MX6000 ™ , MX2100™ and MX2000 TM Card Issuance Systems; and Datacard® MXD™ Mailer Card Delivery System
  • Functionality Card delivery system that combines card affixing and forms folding utilizing a personalized carrier. System architecture accommodates multiple carrier sizes and on-demand printing in black & white or full color
  • Paper size Supports 8.5 x 11 in. and A4
  • Folding configurations of six software-selectable folding configurations
    o C-fold: non-standard
    o Z-fold: address bottom
    o C-fold: standard
    o Half-fold: address back-side up
    o Z-fold: address top
    o Half-fold: address back-side bottom
  • Card up to four cards per carrier (top carrier if nested)

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for 7.2 mill. cards only

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Sold in 2022