Set of SIM Card Equipment



**** SOLD **** YMJ-MPH-9K Card Punching Machine

  • Semi Auto Card Punching Machine
  • Sheet format 3 x 8 cards
  • Servo driven
  • Sheet position by sensor working and/or fixed stepping system
  • Automatic collection of finished cards and skeleton
  • Color touch screen control with help/error function
  • Suitable for materials PVC, ABS, PET
  • Output rate 9.000 cards/hour (3×8)


KBA/Metronic Single Card Offset Printing OC-200 with pre-press. Version 7, with barrel system on each roller


  • Infeed magazine module with central motor
  • Double card sensor, missing card detector, chip cavity control
  • Ionization station
  • TEKNEK contact cleaning station
  • Primer module with UV dryer
  • 4 printing modules with barrel system, UV dryer and temperature units
  • Varnishing module with UV dryer
  • Paternoster module
  • Outfeed modul

Recent upgrades in 2016

  • Additional IR Lamp before primer unit to increase adhesion of the ink to the card material
  • Last UV lamp (Nr.6) is upgraded from 2250 W to 4.000 W (2250 W lamp still available)

Full Set of Pre-press

  • Könings KTW 450 Toray Waterless Plate Developing Processor
  • Polygraph Copytop Exposure Machine
  • BASF CW 22×30 Nyloprint Exposure, Washing and Drying Machine


**** SOLD ****  YMJ-GSMQ-6000+4 SIM Card Punching Machine

  • Punching machine for single and half SIM cards


  • Infeed hopper
  • Chip position sensor
  • Double card control
  • 4 servo driven punching stations
  • Card delivery on single or double belt magazine module with central motor
  • Color touch screen control with help/error function
  • Suitable for materials PVC, ABS, PET
  • Output rate:
    up to 6.500 cards/hour for CR-80,
    up to 6.000 cards/hour for half cards
  • Set of punching tools
    2 sets of tools for 2FF, 3FF and 4FF replug included, in total 8 tools


**** SOLD **** Mühlbauer CI200 Card Quality Control Machine

  • Automatic card inspection system


  • Card feeding from input-card stacker with automatic card separation
  • Cleaning module
  • Card turning and double side inspection
  • Surface inspection system for card front side / back side
  • Print inspection system for card front side / back side
  • Format inspection
  • Customized inspection features can be upgraded by the manufacturer
  • Independent optical systems for print inspection and surface inspection
  • Software allowing visualization of each individual inspection station
  • Statistic and reporting features counting and sorting
  • Advanced teach mode by reference card (golden template)
  • INCAPE ready
  • Card output to 4-fold card output conveyor

Technical Data

  • Resolution print inspection 75 um / Pixel
  • Resolution surface inspection 75 um / Pixel
  • Optical system surface inspection Greyscale matrix camera
  • Optical system print inspection Color matrix camera
  • Throughput Up to 20,000 cards / hour depending on process parameters

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