Horizon EMV Card Personalization



Hardware configuration

  • Two Input Hoppers 2 hopper with 250 Cards
  • Magnetic Stripe Encoder supported encoding types are 300 & 2750 Dualco and 600 Oe
  • Five Smart Contact Stations 5 units
    (with an encoding time of 15 seconds an output of 1000 cards per hour can be achieved)
  • Color Thermal Printing 2 modules (front & rear)
  • Embosser Module with Top Indent 1 unit
  • Embosser Module with Rear Indent 1 unit with Visa Mastercard CVV2 Security Fonts
  • Tipping Module 2 units
  • Output Stackers 2 stacker
  • Reject Card Tray
  •  SmartSys Software (Machine Driver) EMV Personalization/ Software configuration
  • 2 PC’s with same configuration included (Main and backup PC with 1 HSM each)
  • NBS Software License for One NBS Horizon Personalization System with two HSM’s
  • NBS PersoMaster EMV Card Personalization Software Solution
  • Key management System, Chip Data Preparation, EMV Chip Personalization

Additional information


Year of manufacturing

Current condition

Sold in 2017

Machine was in use only for testing. Counter of 14.773 cards