2 units High Speed Card Wrapping System CardPack CPA-40


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  • The cards are loaded to the horizontal feeder and each product is verified by the Vision camera system, tracking and reading card serial numbers and or bar codesBOPP flat film is used for the wrapping foil.
  • The film passes over a folding triangle to be shaped into ahalf tube.
  • Thermal welding is used to create pouches for the cardsT
  • he packaging is from single cards to multiple cards in a chain of 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 and controlled by the separating unit.
  • The chain of cards are folded at the folding unit and overwrapped to form a sealed pack.


  • One horizontal feeder capacity to hold 1.000 cards / Vision System / Film Feeder unit / Transverse Thermal Welding / Card Insert Unit / Longitudinal welding / Separation unit / Stacking system / Overwrapping

Actual machine speed: 28-30.000 products per hour (40.000 as per AZ data sheet)

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Sold in 2014

Condition: good

Machines were in use approx. 155.000.000 cycles each.

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