MFB 2500 Milling Flexible Bump System (Part of package)



The MFB 2500 is designed for the production of Dual Interface Cards according to the “Flexible Bump Technology” patented by Muehlbauer.
Plastic cards with integrated antenna are placed manually into Standard Muehlbauer magazines.
The cavities for the chip modules have to be milled in a standard milling equipment before.
The cards are separated scratch free by suction cups and in a first step 2 holes are milled to expose the end of the antenna. A special “Antenna detection System” stops the milling head automatically as soon as the milling tool touches the antenna.
After that a special conductive and flexible glue is dispensed precisely into the holes. Before the cards are stacked in an output magazine the glue is precured under room conditions in a buffer system.
The implanting of the chip module that follows will also be done in standard Implanting equipment

Working stations

  • Card input device CH 4203/1
  • Cavity orientation check
  • MFB Milling station with Antenna touch sensor
  • Antenna Resistance Measurement Station
  • Flexible bump dispensing & dabbing station 1
  • Flexible bump dispensing & dabbing station 2
  • Suctioning
  • Quality inspection, Bump height
  • Quality inspection, Bump area and position
  • Flexible Bump Precuring Station
  • Card output + Reject box
  • Card Output Device CH 4203/0


  • Machine software GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • CNC designer – software tool to design a CNC file for dosing process
  • Vision software – antenna inspection/bump measurement

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Year of manufacturing

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for 38 mil cards