Card Milling and Implanting CMI 4000/05



Functional units

  • Input transport with magazine changer
  • Card input measurement and recognition of card position
  • Verification of card thickness (measuring point within module / ISO position). Optical enquiry of printed position marks
  • Milling station Independently programmable axes (x,y,z). Milling accuracy ± 30 μm in x and y and ± 15 μm in z
  • Cleaning station Rotating blast air and vacuum cleans the cavity from milling dust or cuttings
  • Output measurement Measuring of the actual cavity depth. Measuring accuracy: ± 2,5 μm. Online readjustment of milling head on the basis of measuring results
  • Module implantation with tacking Module punch. Pick and place unit
  • Three Welding stations
  • Cooling station
  • Optical inspection Module place position in X/Y direction and module surface
  • EM 3325 LAM Module tape and adhesive tape unwinder. Laminating press. Hole punch. Rewinder for carrier adhesive tape
  • Module transport system for module and spacer tape
  • Electrical station ATR verification
  • Output transport with magazine changer

Machine software, Vision software and CNC Designer
Tool designed for M4
Speed 3700 Modules per hour

  • Year of manufacturing 2007
  • Condition good to very good
  • Machine was in use for 54 mil modules

Additional information


Current condition



Year of manufacturing

Machine was in use

SOLD in 2021

for 54 mil modules