CMI 201 Card Milling and Implanting System



Work stations

  • Card input device: Automatic magazine changer, processing magazines with 300 or 500 cards capacity
  • Test of card orientation
  • Milling station: CNC Milling Head, Milling of the module cavity with integrated suctioning to remove milling waste, 3 programmable axis
  • Cleaning station: Cleaning by rotating compressed air nozzle and vacuum suction at the same time
  • Cavity depth measurement: Integrated feedback loop for automatically adjustment of the milling head
  • Module tape reeling system
  • Vision system for module tape check of reject module, tape position and tape orientation
  • Module punch system
  • Implanting / Prefixing station
  • Hot press station with Automatic flatness compensation
  •  Cold Press Station with integrated module height check
  •  Electrical contact test station
  • Card output device: Magazine Handling System
  •  MCES (Mühlbauer Chip Encoding System)

Throughput: The throughput with standard modules is up to 2,500 cards/hour, depending on card material and process parameters.

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SOLD in 2021

approx. 2,000 cards per day. Total cards manufactured 3.5 mil