NBS Technologies – Milling & Embedding Machine – Mex2000




  • Input station 1
  • Magazine Changer 500 cards
  • Glue Tape in-line glue tape applicator
  • Cavity Milling High speed milling motors, HSS tool steel
  • Module Embedding Hot lamination station (2 units) with an automatically adjusting levelling system. Combined with a high performance cooling station (1 unit)
  • Electrical ATR Testing
  • Output station
  • Pre-loaded milling templates for all popular module types. Easy change between M2, M3 M4 modules
  • Milling depth control
  • PLC Interface with Mitsubishi GOT100 Graphic Operation Terminal

Throughput : about 1800 cards per hour.

Additional information


Year of manufacturing

Sold in 2013

Machine was in use for 1.5 mil cards only
Condition very good