Hot-Stamping Machine MM 3000


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2 units available

  • For the stamping application of security features onto plastic cards
  • Patented semi rotating stamping process
  • Low stamping pressure
  • Control unit for precise registration of single image holograms
  • Card width 54 mm (+/- 0.1 mm)
  • Card length 86 mm
  • Card thickness 0.8 mm
    Maximum stamping size 48 x 85 mm
  • Stamping tolerance ± 0.15 mm length and width (depending upon card tolerance)
  • Card output approximately 3.500 – 4.000 cards/h
  • Electronic temperature control 50 – 400 °C
  • Several tools included (only non-secure)

ON REQUEST MM 3000 UPGRADED TO MM 6000 (by third party)

  • Increased machine speed 000 cards per hour and 5.000 cards per hour with print mark registration
  • Machine General Overhaul
  • New Hardware: Touch Screen Display with PLC; CAN Bus Coupler with Extension Boards for digital I/Os, thermo couple inputs; Power Supply, 220VAC/24VDC, 10 Amps; 2 x Servo Motor (for Foil and Stamping Drives), 0.64kW; 2 x Servo Motor Drive Controller (for Foil and Stamping Drives, 0.64kW), 0.75kW; Braking Resistor, 100 W; SSR Solid State Relay for Heater Control; Heating Cartridge, HHP 250 W; Thermocouple Element: Type J; High Speed Pneumatic Directional Valve, MVSP-180-4E2C
  • New Software: User Application Software for MM-6000 Hot Stamping Application accessories
  • Warranty 1 year on new hardware parts installed


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approx. 50 mil cards each