Four-color offset machine R 504 0B LV with digital PECOM control station, coating unit & UV dryer


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  • Printing format 590 x 740 mm ; min. 260 x 400 mm
  • Printing area 580 x 740 mm
  • Printing plate 660 x 745 mm
  • Material thickness 04 to 1.0 mm
  • Stack height feeder 1050 mm
  • Machine speed 18,000 sheets / h
  • Control room control, integration into the PECOM network possible
  • Automatic format change
  • Automatic substrate thickness adjustment
  • Automatic washing systems (rubber cylinder, printing cylinder and inking unit)
  • AutoPlate (PPL)
  • AirGlide delivery

Foil package comprising of:

  • Discharge line / Antistatics Kersten in feeder and delivery
  • Double sheet detection for foil
  • Special sheet guidance
  • Ink temperature unit

UV System NORDSON for R 504 comprising of :

  • Preparation for UV drying between printing units and UV end drying
  • 2x QuadCure UV dryer with Dichroic-Reflectors.
    Power: 200 Wcm MPMA Lamps
    Position: at one of the Interchangeable position for QuadCure UV spotlight position. Behind printing unit 1 – 4
  • UV color/coating end dryer with 3x QuadCure UV lamps with Dichroic-Reflectors, power: 200 W/cm MPMA Lampe
  • 1x Nordson UV control cabinet: Transformers and control technology in UV control cabinet
  • 1 x Nordson UV Heat Exchanger
  • Special ink rollers in all printing units for the exclusive use of UV inks (UV clean operation) instead of the normal roll covers Ink mist extraction with integrated ink roller blowing device in the inking unit (not in combination with ink supply system Inkline)
  • Colour mixing system Technotrans Automatic rinsing device for the paint cycle
  • PPL paint molding cylinder, automatic clamping device for clamping and clamping of coating plate or coating rubber cloth with a thickness of up to 2 mm without tools

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89 mil impressions / 37.000 h “power-on”