GENIUS 52-5 UV With Varnish Unit


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Sheet feeder:

  • Useful standard stack height: 600 mm.
  • Stream feeder with combined lifting/forwarding suction feature. Single-tape suction tape feed-board with vacuum system- Manually adjustable lateral stop
  • Ultrasonic double sheet control
  • Electro-pneumatic misaligned and mis-fed sheet stop
  • Double feeder drum

Printing unit:

  • 5 printing units, each consisting of a screen roller, inking roller, plate cylinder und blanket cylinder
  • Patented arrangement of printing units
  • Patented backlash-free cylinder bearings in linear guides
  • Ghost-free printing- Inking roller, plate and blanket cylinders with bearer rings
  • Corrosion-resistant plate cylinder und impression cylinder
  • Central print cylinder- Gripper limit approx. 8-10 mm
  • Touch-screen control panel
  • Automatic, high-precision plate changing device

Sheet delivery:

  • Belt delivery with UV drier

UV drier:

  • UV drier positioned after the last printing unit
  • Extraction device

Varnishing unit:

  • The varnishing unit is positioned immediately after the basic machine. It is designed as a squeezevarnishing unit and equipped with a separate UV drier, so that is dried before coating. The coating can be applied in a thickness of up to 8 &#956m.

Coating circulation system:

  • The coating circulation system allows an increase in the volume of the coating. In addition, the coating is mixed continuously.

Service Router System:

  • The Service Router System facilitates Web-based remote control of the customer´s printing machines using the Intranet and the Internet.

Plate bending device and plate punch:

  • The plate bending device is used for bending the rear edge of the printing plate and for bending the metal blankets. The plate punch is used for the punching holes in printing plates with high precision.

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