SPEEDMASTER XL 75-6-Х2-F UV Offset press 6 colors in 53 х 75 cm with extended delivery


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  • Prinect Press Center with software lntelliStart
  • Instant START UV, (Reduction/no waiting time) PrePress lnterface for setup of the ink zones with the СIРЗ data
  • Preset link (Connection with the PrePress lnterface)
  • Memory Plus (Extended memory of the Prinect Press Center)


  • Ultrasonic double sheet detector
  • Static Foil Кit pour feeder and delivery. (Specific equipment for anti-static substrate)
  • lntercom


  • UV basic equipment for UV printing (Piping, Chromium blanket cylinder)
  • UV resistant blanket washup device
  • UV resistant impression cylinder washup device
  • UV dampening form roller
  • UV inking rollers (EPDM quality)
  • UV blankets
  • Agitators for UV inks
  • Preparation of all the interdecks of the press for а exchangeable UV drying cassette
  • Preparation for RAINBOW system for 1 printing unit


  • Hermetic preparation at the delivery
  • DryStar UV dryers consists of 3 UV Lamps of 200 W with URS reflectors + опе cold air cassette
  • CAN BUS connection of the DrySTAR UV to the Prinect Press Center
  • WIТHOUT powder device (UV press)

 Preparation of the cabinets for Water cooling – Without heat exchanger and pumping cabinet of ТECHNOTRANS and WITHOUT pimping)

  • Preparation for water cooling fог AirSTAR cabinet
  • Preparation for water cooling for ComblSTAR 3000 cabinet
  • Preparation for water cooling for DrySTAR UV cabinet

Technical Data

  • Largest sheet size: 530 х 750 mm
  • Smallest sheet size: 210 х 350 mm
  • Largest printing area: 510 x 740 mm
  • Maximum production speed: 15.000 sheets / h
  • Thickness оf substrate from 0.03 to 0.8 mm
  • Plate cylinder undercut 0.15mm
  • Blanket Cylinder undercut 2.3mm
  • lnking Unit Number of rollers (total) = 16 incl. fountain roller
  • Dampening system Alcotor-Vario continuous-type damping system / Total number of rollers = 5

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