SIM Punch CMP2010



Working stations

  • Card input CH4201/I Magazine handler with 3 magazine positions
  • Input card pusher
  • Card orientation check chip position
  • Turn-lift unit and Punching station
  • Card turning station
  • Turn-lift unit and Cutting station
  • Card output CH4201/O Magazine handler with 3 magazine positions

Punching system and Cutting system Hydraulic driven

Throughput up to 4000 cards/hour (depending on card material)

Punching tools 2 sets (Punching and Scoring) for 2FF, 1 tool 3FF and 1 tool 4FF

Additional information


Year of manufacturing

Current condition

Sold in 2017

Machine completely serviced by Muehlbauer in 2012.
Last hydraulic service in 2015
Machine was in use for 20 mio. cards