CMI 3010plus Card Milling, Implanting, Module Lamination and GSM-Punching System




  • CH 4201/I Card Input Device with 3 magazine positions: Loading-, work- and unloading position
  • Card Milling: Card Thickness Measurement System and Card orientation control by means of an optical check / CNC Milling Head: 3 programmable axes / CNC – Designer / Antenna Touch Sensor for Milling free of antenna connecting pads and individually recognizing of each antenna surface / Cleaning Station / Cavity Depth Measurement System / Antenna Resistance Measurement System / Contacting of the milled free antenna pads
  • Chip implanting: Tacking station for Prefixing of the IC-modules in the cavity / Hot Press Station 1 for Activation of the gluing process with Module presence check / Hot Press Station 2 / Cold Press Station with Integrated module height difference measurement
  • MI – Module Inspection: Optical control of the module surface
  • Electrical Contact Station with Contactless Mifare Test Station
  • EM 3325/LAM: Unwinding of glue tape and unwinding of module tape / Spooling of spacer tape / Punching station Incl. bad hole recognition
  • GSM – punching: Hydraulic Punching- and pneumatic stamping station, Tools for 2FF included
  • CH 4201/O Card Output Device: 3 magazine positions: Loading-, work- and Unloading position / Card bin for rejects
  • Software: ATR – Answer to Reset Test Software “Verification”. Comparison of ATR with thought reference code / Passive contact head A622 for e-test station / MB 1014 – Chip Encoding Hardware. Supports T=0 / T=1 protocol for processor modules and I²C Bus for memory modules / MB 1019 – Chip Encoding Hardware


  • up to 3000 cards/hour depending on card material and cavity size (M3).

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