PACKAGE = Atlantic Zeiser Cardline CDL (suitable for 10in1 voucher) & KoeraPackmat Cardseal 500/60 (with Overwrapping)



CardLine CDL 2XX


  • Feeder module vertical feeder
  • Print Module Alpha 200-II with Exhaust System
  • Print verification 1 camera
  • SOF module Hotfoil and Labeler
  • SOF verification 1 camera
  • Conveyor module with delivery belt

Upgraded in 2009 to produce 10in1 vouchers with a size of 300 x 96 mm with

  • Additional Alpha 200-II and
  • Additional Hotfoil module

Throughput up to 30.000 CR80 cards per hour.


Cardseal 500/60


  • LHP Card feeder
  • LHP brochure feeder
  • Film folding device
  • Print mark control
  • Camera system 2 cameras for serial detection
  • Film suction device including shredder unit
  • Extended exit conveyor and Stacking device
  • Thermotransfer label printer
  • Overwrapping machine:¬†Flow-pack
  • SH 1-2 R Antistatic device for SIM card packing

Throughput up to 30.000 CR80 cards per hour

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Both machine were in use for less than 200 million cards