CML3420 and SCI8210



Glue Tape Laminator CML3420
Working stations

  • Spooling system TS 1145/I with buffer
  • Tape transport -/ and tape position sensor
  • Glue tape pre-punching station
  • Glue tape laminating station
  • Spooling system TS 1145/OTool set 2 sets (M3 and M4)

Throughput up to 9.000 modules per hour


Smart Card Implanter SCI 8210
Working stations

  • Card input CH4201/I Magazine handler with 3 magazine positions
  • Cavity check station
  • Pick and place station
  • Tacking station
  • Welding station
  • Cooling station including chip surface profile micrometer
  • Electrical test station (ATR)
  • Card output CH4201/O Magazine handler with 3 magazine positions including reject box

Throughput up to 1.500 cards per hour2 tool set M3 and M4

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Year of manufacturing

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for 100.000 cards only
Sold in 2018