Immaculate Single Card Printing Machine OC200 – Enhanced version with four print modules plus primer & varnish




  • Infeed magazine module with central motor
  • Double card sensor, missing card detector, chip cavity control
  • Ionization station
  • Thin card equipment
  • Primer module with UV dryer
  • 4 printing modules with UV dryer and temperature units
  • Varnishing module with UV dryer
  • Paternoster module
  • Electronic register adjustment (color to color)
  • Card position control
  • External chiller
  • Outfeed module

Additional information


Current condition


Year of manufacturing

Machine was in use

SOLD in 2021

less than 3.5 hours per day. Total: 18.200 hours
Complete overhaul in 2014
Condition: Excellent – Immaculate.
Monthly service plan was observed and if required parts were exchanged on a regular base