Strip Punching Machine with optical card registration for Clear Edge Cards


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  1. Automatic strip feeder
  2. Optical recognition of the center of the product via camera systems
  3. Single column eccentric press EXP series
  4. Product stacker
  5. Grid remover
  • Current products: Laminated business cards and calendars with clear edge
  • Tools included for: Format 70 x 100 mm and 54 x 86 mm
  • Strip format: Min. 100 x 510 mm; Max. 100 x 780 mm
  • Output: approx. 2,500 products in format 54 x 86 mm per hour
  • Control: Standard equipment with press safety control, Make Siemens SIMATIC IPC 477D; Operation via touch panel

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Very good.
Control system completely renewed in 2017