SCM 5040/4


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  • Card Input consisting of Magazine Changer and Magazine buffer for 8 loaded magazines
  • Two card input measurement and card position and orientation check (color detection)
  • Two milling heads
  • Three programmable axis
  • Milling head 2 – xy axis linked to head 1, Z independent
  • Two cleaning station with air/vacuum
  • Two output measurement stations
  • Two reject and sample stations
  • Card output consisting of Card handling from the bottom and Magazine buffer for 8 unloading magazines
  • Speed up to 4.000 M3 modules per hour=> Upgraded with an ATS (antenna detection system) for dual interface card production=> 2nd similar machine, but without ATS included.
  • Good for spare parts or to continuous usage after servicing the wearable parts

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Sold in 2016

Machine was in use for 44 mil cards