Flexible Bump on Card FBC 1200



Working stations

  • CH 4201/I Card Input Device Automatic magazine changer
  • Cavity orientation check Integrated after card feeding
  • Antenna Resistance Measurement System Contacting of the milled free antenna pads
  • PRS System for Bump Area and Position Measurement Position measurement, as well as recognition of quality and number of bumps
  • Spot Check Box Space saving in combination with reject box at output device
  • Flexible Bump Precuring Station “Paternoster” system with 60 stations for approx. 3 min.
  • CH 4201/O Card Output Device
  • Accessories Kit Flexible Bump
  • RRS 500 Resin Rolling System
  • Refill Station
  • Cartridge Adaptor
  • Suctioning Active carbon filter

All available spare parts included

Throughput up to 1.200 cards per hour

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Current condition

Year of manufacturing

Machine was in use

for 18 mil cards